Monday, January 14, 2008

Nintendo Syndrome?

Half Of 26-Year-Olds Memories Nintendo-Related

The Onion

Half Of 26-Year-Old's Memories Nintendo-Related

BROOKLYN, NY—According to an fMRI of Philip Jenkins' brain during memory recall, his parietal lobe is activated equally for the words "mother" and "Banjo Kazooie."

I will have to say that until recently I have also experienced the onslaught of the up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+b+a+select+start in my daily life and would like to sit down with this guy to figure out some of the other codes that I cannot remember anymore. I have bought some nice games over the Wii and cannot remember the codes for the life of me. He may have the missing link I am looking for. I just turned 27, so perhaps this is a real epidemic and Nintendo is to blame for thousands, if not millions of people from being able to process any more information than their video games.

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