Who is Sk33lz?

Sk33lz is an elusive ninja like character played by an honest hard working man. Sk33lz has been through many years in the workforce and has practiced many trades. His skills include: auto body, retail sales, carpentry, landscaping, production machine operation and maintenance, quality control, warehouse management, forklift operation, shipping and receiving, inventory control, customer service, network administration, systems administration, search engine optimization and web marketing, and now Drupal website building and development.

Although Sk33lz is a jack of all trades, he has really found a fun and enjoyable job being a Drupal site builder. He learned about Drupal from a coworker at the time, Davexoxide, who has become one of Sk33lz best friends at this point, and was even his boss for a few months. Davexoxide has become Sk33lz's Drupal mentor along with another good friend at this point, Sirkitree. They were both picked up by Lullabot on March 1st 2010 and Sk33lz is looking forward to working with them on new projects for Lullabot as well. I will be attending Drupalcon 2010 this year in San Francisco thanks to my old pals Davexoxide and Sirkitree as a parting gift from Rapid Waters Development.