Thursday, November 10, 2005

What is with SoE?

Do they think they are that special that they can charge money for usage of a specific game and not have a working product? Is it not illegal for a company based in California to charge a monthly fee for a service that does not work properly? I played SWG for over 2 years and I would have to say that it was in a beta form for the whole time. Then when they did the so called "combat upgrade", instead of listening to the paying customers they just went all gustapo and did what they wanted anyway. No customer feedback wasn't even remotely listened to. Even their own poll on their forums, which are based off of the main website, showed that 80% of the community that even took the time to try the test servers didnt enjoy their playing experience the final night before they finished testing. Then they went ahead and released it ahead of schedule, LOL! Immediatly many of the main guilds in the game disbanded or lost many of their members. We even staged online protests to stop the stupid release and to no avail. Even 25,000 digital signatures sent to Lucasarts and SoE did nothing to stop the release of the steaming pile of graphics that is now Star Wars Galaxies.
Next chapter, it seems that either Lucasarts got the message and took over development of a game that could have had negative effects on ticket sales to the final chapter of George's masterpiece in the state it was in on the day of release of the movie or SoE lost so many customers they figured they would just make a whole new game again. So far there has not been any offical release on their site, but it has been all over the forums that in the coming weeks a whole new game will be released which is supposed to make it easier to allow console systems to play on the galaxies... I feel this is a step in the dumb direction seeings as in the last publish they dumbed it down quite a bit. I dunno what is going on but it seems they might actually want to fix this broken down jalopee of a game or have been forced to by Lucasarts. I hope George got on his swoop and drove down from the ranch and stuck a lightsaber in ear or something :) That would be a happy ending to the story, but it probably didnt happen that way :|
-Edit Ok I see now they have an official post on their site and it seems that Lucasarts has taken over :D There IS a new hope ;)