Monday, January 21, 2008

Let Me Go! - Attempted Empire St. Bldg. Jump

This is a very intense video! I saw this after I found the Clinton post. This guy was very close to jumping off the Empire State Building. I have to give him some props this was very well planned and he almost made it. Perhaps it would have been cooler if he would have just jumped and flipped them the finger as he did it. Then again, you might have ended up paying to see the video from the camera on his head on a DVD or something. Unfortunately for all of us, he is nabbed by building security before he releases and ends up having about 5 other guys hands on him within a matter of about 1 minute.

Jim Corliss is a brave man for trying this that is for sure, but why not just jump when you get on the other side of the fence? I guess he would have been known as Superman after that stunt, sort of like the Spiderman guy who climbs buildings all the time.

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