Monday, January 21, 2008

Amazing Backflip Wrestling Move FTW!

I wrestled in high school and this was an actual wrestling move that my friend Geoff used to practice all the time. He was never actually able to pull the full move off in a match, but he used to pull of a variation of it sometimes that was still fun to watch :) This guy seems to have practiced it a bit more or something as he nails it and actually pins the other guy in the end.

Amazing Backflip Wrestling Move - Watch more free videos

Badass move in my book and I am sure the other guy is on his back wondering what the hell just happened! This is why I liked wrestling, as you never really knew who was going to win. It was always up to who brought their best skills, who was conditioned the best, and who was ready to go when the whistle blew. From the looks of it, this guy has at least one of those covered, he brought his skills!

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