Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Senate Approves $700 Billion Bailout - 74 to 25

Our Senate has failed the average American Taxpayer today on a bipartisan basis. The Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have voted for the $700 billion dollar bailout this evening.

Harry Reid spoke of a talks on a "Bipartisan Basis" helped form the agreement. What happened to the other parties? Both the democrats and republicans love to just say they are the only choices. The fact is there are many other parties in our system that could possibly hold better solutions to problems that our nation faces. There should be more open minded choices when selecting not only senators and representatives, but also the presidency itself.

Harry Reid must have said Bipartisan Basis over 10 times in his promotion of the latest try of passing the 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street. Also, talking about "all" of his colleagues right before the vote, Reid said, "...both Democrats and Republicans..". Not a single mention of the Independents or other smaller parties that help run our Senate. It just goes to show that these people only want a two party system, even if they always go after one another. It takes all the attention away from other parties that might have better answers.

Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an Independent, showed no support for the bill and called on those who caused the problem to pay up for the bailout, not average citizens. He also came with over 48,000 signatures of Americans who do not support the bailout and do not want American Taxpayers to foot the bill. Check out his website:

You can sign the petition there and read more about how he does not support the Bush Administration bailout plan.

Make note that both of the current Presidential candidates, McCain and Obama voted for the bill as well as Joe Biden.

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Caleb said...

It all goes back to the money with Reps and Dems. Take a look on and see where Obama and McCain's campaign funding is coming from. 30 million to McCain and 36 million to Obama from banks like Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, and Wachovia. Of course they're not going to listen to voters. They're going to listen to the guys who write the big checks. It sickening. And I'm going to bet that independents aren't getting a dime from banks, because banks are out to buy out the big players.