Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RIAA Backs Down After Receiving Stern Letter from Defendant's Lawyer

In SONY BMG v. Merchant, in California, the defendant's lawyer wrote the RIAA a rather stern letter recounting how weak the RIAA's evidence is, referring to the deposition of the RIAA's expert witness, and threatening a malicious prosecution lawsuit. The very same day the RIAA put its tail between its legs and dropped the case.

Looks like someone has finally figured out how to go up against the big bully. I am glad that someone has figured out how to word their legal letters to make them think twice about litigation. This should become a template for all responses to RIAA accusations. They really have no clue how easy it is to use another IP to do sharing with and are probably even going after the people who had their IP's used during downloading by pirates. So many folks have unprotected proxies on the internet which allow you to hide your IP while viewing websites and more. Using one of these is just one way to fake out someone trying to collect IPs for the RIAA. I feel that it is just a stupid battle they are fighting and they should just figure out a way to make the digital world work for them rather, than make more haters as they go. Digital services like revamped Napster and the monopoly behind the movement, Itunes, are going to be the way all music is bought in just a few years. CD's and other disc media will be a thing of the past. The more that fiber optics are used these services will become more robust and able to offer more than just music content. Hi-Def movies and other high quality content is just on the doorstep. Perhaps they could spend more efforts in getting with the times and plan for the future rather than holding on to a medium that is dying anyway.

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